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Valencia dentist

Valencia dentist

Do you spend a lot of time brushing and flossing your teeth each and every day? If so, that is great for your dental health. However, did you know that you are not doing everything that needs to be done to keep your teeth and gums healthy? It is equally important that you have professional teeth cleanings every six months or less, to make sure that your teeth stay clean and cavity free, and that your gums remain healthy. If you have not recently had a teeth cleaning, come in to see our Valencia dentist.

At our practice, Alexander Villar DDS, our expert and highly-trained Valencia dentist is Dr. Alexander Villar. Our practice uses cutting edge technology to help provide the finest dental care available. Our office is warm and relaxing. We like to provide many amenities for our patients, including lip balms, blankets, and beverages. We want all of our patients to feel that they are part of our dental care family. At our office we provide a wide range of dental treatments. However, one of the most important procedures we provide is teeth cleanings. Teeth cleanings are needed to remove the tartar, plaque and bacteria from your teeth. Tartar is a hardened substance that can never be removed by brushing alone. Professional dental instruments are needed. If tartar is allowed to stay on teeth, deep pockets will begin to form between the teeth and the gums, and gum disease will develop. Plaque, tartar and bacteria will gather in the deep pockets causing serious gum infection. When the infection goes down to the jawbone, teeth can begin to loosen and may even fall out.

Gum disease can also spread to other parts of your body – this can lead to a very serious health situation. Gum disease can usually be totally avoided if you come and see our Valencia dentist on a timely basis for periodic teeth cleanings and dental exams. During an exam or teeth cleaning, the health of your gums will be evaluated. If gingivitis is found to be present, our dentist will most likely recommend that you have several dental cleanings over the coming months. If you have deep pockets in the gums and need more advanced treatment, a scaling and root planing treatment may be recommended to get your gums back on the road to good health. If you would like to come to our office for a dental exam or teeth cleaning, contact us today.

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