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Dentures in Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita dentist
Santa Clarita dentist

If when you think of dentures, you are picturing the old-fashioned ones that are held to your gums with dental adhesive, our Santa Clarita dentist wants you to know that you can enjoy all the benefits that dentures have provided for so many years, but supplemented by the advancements and technical advantages that are represented by dental implants.

What we’re referring to are implant-supported dentures, in which you get the best of both worlds. Traditional dentures are made on a plastic base that is colored to match your gums. You then place them on your gums with adhesive and take them out when you don’t need them or to clean them. And for those who don’t have the strong and thick jaw structure to be considered a good candidate for implant-supported dentures, there are still very good reasons to feel positive about the traditional type, in the sense that they offer you replacement teeth so that you have a normal smile and you can eat foods without difficulties. However, there are certain drawbacks to traditional dentures, such as the fact that adhesive is not always 100% reliable. Chewing and speaking cannot always be done with full confidence. On the other hand, implant-supported dentures give you a method that is much closer to the construction of real teeth. Implants are surgically placed in your jaw by our Santa Clarita dentist, and your jaw bone grows around and fuses with them. The denture portion is designed to snap onto the implants and they hold firm, allowing you to have a more carefree attitude about your dentures.

Missing teeth leave you feeling self-conscious and make the everyday routines like eating into a chore. Let our Santa Clarita dentist get you started on dentures to replace those teeth. Call our office and schedule an appointment right now.

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