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Toothache in Valencia CA

Valencia CA dentist
Valencia CA dentist

If you are experiencing a toothache, you will want to make an immediate appointment to visit our dental practice, Alexander Villar DDS, for care. Our expert Valencia CA dentist, Dr. Alexander Villar, will thoroughly assess the reason for your tooth pain and provide you with appropriate treatment.

When you come to our dental practice complaining of tooth pain, there can be many different reasons for this tooth pain. Two common reasons are wisdom teeth which have become infected or impacted, or a tooth which is damaged or infected in its interior and needs to have a root canal treatment in order to be saved. If you have severe toothache pain while you are chewing, or while pressure is placed upon the tooth, you may have a tooth that needs to have a root canal treatment. Teeth which are damaged in this manner also may have extreme sensitivity to heat or cold. A tooth may even be discolored, or the gums may be swollen and tender. If your tooth is damaged and needs root canal treatment, our dentist will assess whether or not it can likely be saved with this procedure. Happily, over 90% of teeth can be saved by a root canal treatment. Our dentist can provide this treatment for you while you remain perfectly comfortable in our dentist’s chair. Our Valencia CA dentist, may also find that the cause of your toothache is an infected wisdom tooth. It is very common for people to have problems with their wisdom teeth, since wisdom teeth are the last teeth in the mouth to erupt. Often, by the time the wisdom teeth are ready to erupt, there simply is no room left for them. If wisdom teeth are impacted or infected, our dentist will probably recommend that they are extracted. At our dental practice we offer tooth extraction for wisdom teeth, or for other teeth which need to be extracted for some reason.

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