Valencia pediatric dentist

Valencia Pediatric Dentist

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Causes and prevention of pediatric dental decay in Valencia

Valencia pediatric dentist
Valencia pediatric dentist

Everyone should see a dentist regularly. Whether you think you have a dental issue or not, biannual exams and cleanings are essential for preventing all-too-prevalent conditions like tooth decay and gum disease. This is especially true for children because they are more likely to suffer from these conditions than others, and for a number of different reasons as well. Here with our Valencia pediatric dentist, Alexander Villar DDS, you can be sure that your children get the complete dental care they need in order to protect their primary set of teeth as well as their secondary ones.

Most parents know that they should schedule their child for pediatric dental care as soon as their child begins teething. This marks the beginning of dental development, and pediatric dentists can help ensure that teeth develop properly from the very beginning. A child’s first set of teeth are called primary teeth, though they are more commonly referred to as baby teeth. Baby teeth are small and tend to be more sensitive to things like plaque and bacteria. This is what put kids at a greater risk of things like pediatric tooth decay and gum disease. It can be challenging to prevent cavities in kids, though, especially since they are still learning how to properly care for their own bodily hygiene and are known for liking cavity-causing foods like sweets, candies and cakes. Here with our Valencia pediatric dentist, Alexander Villar DDS, your child can benefit from comprehensive exams, preventative care, and any other dental procedures they may need to protect their teeth.

Taking care of a child’s teeth can help ensure that their dental health is in good standing in the present as well as the future. To schedule an appointment with our Valencia pediatric dentist, call us today at the offices of Alexander Villar DDS.

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