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Dental care for kids in Valencia

Valencia pediatric dentist
Valencia pediatric dentist

Are you looking for an excellent pediatric dentist who will be able to provide your child with top-notch dental care for kids? If so, you will want to come in and bring your child for a visit at our dental practice, Alexander Villar DDS. Our Valencia pediatric dentist thoroughly enjoys working with children, and will make sure that your child has a fun and relaxing time at our dental practice.

Our highly skilled pediatric dentist is Dr. Alexander Villar. His manner is approachable, warm and friendly; he is highly skilled and experienced in the fields of dentistry which he practices. Dr. Villar knows that he is the main source of dental information for parents. This is why we always make sure that there is time at the end of your child’s dental exam for our dentist to answer any and all dental-related questions you may have about your child’s care. Dr. Villar has been providing exemplary dental care to residents for over 20 years. It is generally recommended by our Valencia pediatric dentist that children come in for their first dental exam when they reach one year of age, or when their first baby tooth erupts – whichever comes first.

At our dental practice we are happy to be able to provide many different types of dental care for kids. Our pediatric dentist recommends that children have dental checkups twice a year. As they reach ages seven and eight they should have an assessment for braces to see if they will benefit from interceptive orthodontic care. At our practice we also provide children with comprehensive teeth cleanings to make sure that their teeth and gums stay healthy. We also offer dental health reviews, and cavity prevention and education for our young patients. We make sure that our young patients know how to effectively brush and floss their teeth using proper technique. Although primary teeth are not meant to stay in a child’s mouth forever, they do serve many important functions. Therefore, it is important that primary teeth stay in the child’s mouth for as long as they are needed. Primary teeth act as placeholders for permanent teeth, help a child develop clear speaking skills, and helps the child to chew their food thoroughly, for good digestion. For an appointment for your child to see our Valencia pediatric dentist, contact us today.

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